Life, Electrified

The Sound Of Your Stay®

Music drives us, feeds our spirits, and inspires our lives. That's why Hard Rock offers The Sound of Your Stay® program, an exclusive audio experience that puts our guests up close and personal with the music. Whether you want to rock out or just tune in a listen, we'll hook you up for free through our tracks®, picks® and wax® amenities. Every life has a soundtrack. What's yours? 


Enjoy perfectly curated collection of tunes for your stay. Whether you're looking to set the mood for a romantic evening, find motivation for a killer workout, or chill by the pool, our playlists provide the perfect soundtrack to your stay. 



Ready for a jam session to channel your inner Santana or Clapton? Check out a Fender® guitar which comes with floor amp and headphones, perfect to create a pop-up studio right in your own guest room. Throw down a funky baseline with legendary Stratocasters, classic Telecasters or base guitars. Novice rockers can access lesson content or start strumming and see where the music takes you!






Hard Rock has amplified the in-room listening experience with a carefully curated collection of iconic records chosen by Hard Rock’s team of music experts. A Crosley turntable will keep the records spinning as you find your groove at leisure.