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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Tournament Rules

1.     Participants must be at least 21 years old to participate in this tournament and to play Class III games. Seminole Wild Cards are free to all visitors 21 and older. Players must present approved identification.

2.    Entry into the tournament is open to the public. There is no limit to the number of seats that will be available for sale. Comp dollars and credit cards may not be used to purchase entry.

3.    Players will play with tournament chips and cards.

4.    There will be an entry fee of $100 cash per participant. $100 of the entry fee and re-buys will be used to fund prize pool. There is a limit of three (3) total $100 buy-ins for this tournament. Participants will receive a $25 Match Bet with each $100 entry fee / buy-in.

5.    Players must present the entry fee / buy-in receipt at the registration check-in table to receive a their seating assignment.

6.    Players failing to be present at the time of the tournament will result in forfeiture of the $100 cash entry fee.

Eligibility, Tournament Play and Scoring  

1.     Participants must present their entry receipt and/or invitation when applicable along with their photo ID and Seminole Wild Card to a tournament attendant or official for verification and registration prior to taking a seat at a tournament table in the designated tournament area.

2.    Substitutes and or partners may be permitted, however, the substitute or partner may/may not be permitted to play more than one (1) round/session of tournament play in tournaments with multiple sessions. Also, the substitute or partner cannot be a primary player or invited guest in the same tournament. All substitutes are subject to the Tournament Official’s approval.

3.    Tournament officials will determine table and seating assignments and issue a Seating Card (see Exhibit 2). Assignments will be random. Tournament officials may change a player’s seating assignment at any time at their sole discretion. Prior to the start of each round, a tournament official will verify that players are in the correct seats at the proper time.

    • It is recommended that participants check in and remain in the tournament area at least fifteen (15) minutes prior to the start of the session.
    • Request for changes to session times must be made with a tournament attendant or official at least fifteen (15) minutes prior to the start time of the 1st session.

4.       This tournament will consist of two (2) rounds, with eleven (11) sessions in the First round and a Final round. Round 1 will consist of six (6) tables with six (6) players per table per session.  Additional sessions may be added in Round 1 based on business demands. The top six (6) players with the highest score from Round 1 will advance to the Final round.  Players with the highest score may only place once (1) in the Final Round.  The Final Round will consist of one (1) table with six (6) players. 

5.       Rounds will begin promptly at scheduled times.  Players missing their starting time may enter into said scheduled round within three (3) hands of the start of the round.  Absent players, or otherwise players who were scheduled for a particular round and did not show up at the scheduled time, will forfeit the minimum bet for each hand missed up to three (3) hands.  On the fourth hand, all late arriving players will be locked out for that round but may be re-scheduled for an equivalent round if available.

6.       Round 1 will be limited to exactly twelve (12) hands.  Players must play all twelve (12) hands.  The Final Round will be 12 hands + 1 secret bet hand (last hand).

7.       An eight (8) or six (6) deck shoe will be used with players cards dealt face up.  Players may not touch their cards.

8.       Each player will be provided with 50,000 points in non-negotiable tournament chips at the beginning of the round.  These tournament chips have no cash value and will be used for tournament play only.  Bets must be made in increments of 1,000 points.

9.       Tournament chips must be kept in full view and in order at all times. 

10.       Unless otherwise stated by tournament officials, smoking and or drinking may be allowed at tournament tables.  All smoking and drinking materials must be kept in full view of the dealer and tournament officials.

11.       The minimum bet is 1,000 points and the maximum bet is 100,000 points. Players may also wager on the Match the Dealer wager; minimum bet is 1,000 and the maximum bet is 5,000. However on the final hand of the Final Round (secret bet), players may wager All-In and may wager up to 10,000 on the Match the Dealer.

12.        The natural first base position is the position of the starting hand to be dealt for each session. The following procedure will be employed for subsequent hands: (check one)   

                  _x_ Each subsequent hand will be dealt to the same natural first base position.

                  ___ Each subsequent hand may be moved one position clockwise and a rotating

                         marker will be used to maintain dealing and betting order.

13.   To allow for equal betting strategies, players’ betting sequencing will rotate clockwise each hand.  A rotating first bettor marker will be used and will be moved one (1) position clockwise, each hand, to maintain betting order.  Once a player has placed a wager, it cannot be changed or removed.

14.    Seminole Hard Rock Tampa Table Game Rules will prevail at all times (except as provided in 11 & 12 of this section above).

15.    Players may play only one (1) hand and play only from the betting area that corresponds to their assigned position. 

16.    Cards will be dealt face up.  If a player cannot act upon their hand within twenty (20) seconds of being requested to do so by the dealer, the hand shall stand pat.  A player not making a bet within twenty (20) seconds of being requested to do so by the dealer will forfeit 1,000 points (minimum bet) in tournament chips. 

17.    At the end of each round, players’ chips will be counted and their scores registered by a tournament attendant or official by means of a Tournament Score Card (see Exhibit 3).  Player will sign or initial the Tournament Score Card to confirm.

18.    At the completion of twelve (12) hands in the Final round a countdown of players’ chips may occur.

19.    Secret Bet – on the last hand of the Final Round the last wager will be a secret bet.  The secret bet will be written on a Secret Bet Card, by the patron and placed in the betting area.  Once all secret bets are written, the Table Games Supervisor will verify the Secret Bet Card approving that the bet is legible, within the minimum and maximums allowed and direct each patron to place the appropriate amount into the betting area. 

Prizes & Tie Breakers  

1.       Prize payouts are contingent upon the total number of tournament buy-ins and may be adjusted accordingly by Casino Management. 

2.       This tournament will guarantee $20,000 cash of the total prize package.

3.       Scores will be posted periodically throughout Round 1.

4.       Prizes will be issued based on the final top scores of the Final Round of play.

5.       Prizes will be issued as follows:

                                                                                   Blackjack Tournament Prize Structure




$39,600 cash based on 396 cash buy-ins

*prize package based on total number buy-ins


6.       At the end of the final session, the player who has accumulated the highest Final round total score will be the 1st place prize winner.  In the event of a tie, two (2) additional hands will be dealt to the tied 1st place players until there is only one (1) 1st prize winner.  For example, if there were two (2) players tied for 1st, the tie-breaker winner would be the 1st place winner.

7.       With approval from the Tournament Director or Casino Management designee, remaining players at a final table may elect to split the remaining prize money equally.  If all remaining players agree to split the prize money equally between them the calculated amount that each player shall receive will be written on the Blackjack Tournament Score Card (exhibit 3) and will be signed by all remaining tournament players.   

8.       Participants who are being awarded prizes must be present to claim their prize.  Cash or prizes not claimed within 24 hours of the tournament will be considered forfeited and will remain the property of Seminole Hard Rock Tampa.

9.       Prizes are not transferable.

General Rules

1.       Participants must present approved identification. They must be 21 years of age or older and a Seminole Wild Card member to participate in class III approved table games.

2.       Seminole Wild Card members that have been trespassed or banned by the Seminole Tribe of Florida who have opted into the self-exclusion program are prohibited from participating.

3.       By participating in this tournament, entrants agree to be bound by these Official Rules and the decisions of Casino Management and/or the Seminole Gaming Tribal Commission.

4.       Any and all applicable taxes or license will be final and binding on all participants in this tournament.

5.       Casino Management and/or the Seminole Gaming Tribal Commission will resolve any dispute or situation not covered by these rules and that decision will be final and binding on all participants in this tournament

6.       Any prize receipt/voucher or drawing entry that has been mutilated, forged, misprinted, altered, tampered with, mechanically reproduced, is illegible, or has been obtained by any means other than pursuant to these rules is automatically void.

7.       By participating in this tournament, winners hereby give their permission to use their names, likenesses, etc., for promotional purposes without compensation.

8.       All employees of any Seminole Casino, including Tribal employees and employees of vendors permanently assigned to work at a Seminole Casino and their immediate family members are not eligible to participate. Also excluded are Tour Operators, their agents and employees, as well as employees of any Seminole Casino advertising agencies and promotional companies involved in this tournament and their immediate family members, agent’s successors and assignees. Employees of any Seminole Casino may not participate in casino tournaments or events.

9.       These rules of this tournament may be modified or cancelled by Management at any time based on operational and/or business concerns.


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